The impact of Facebook on the formation of public opinion

The students of Sulaymaniyah University as sample


  • Adil Hama Arif Muemen Department of Media, College of Humanities, University of Sulaimani, Sulaymaniyah, Kurdistan Region, Iraq



Influence, Social media, Facebook, Formation, Public Opinion


This study, entitled (the impact of Facebook on the formation of public opinion The students of Sulaymaniyah university as sample),discusses two variables (Facebook and public opinion), and determines the degree of influence of Facebook on public opinion, through the distribution of survey forms to the sample. The research aimed to answer the question: the power of Facebook to create a view of a specific audience regarding a specific subject that had no information about before, or had been scattered, but Facebook reorganized the view, changed and reshaped it? The study pursues this goal and ultimately achieves it.

This study is a descriptive research and relies on the coverage method, to discuss its practical aspects through the implementation of a special survey for this purpose. Media students at the University of Sulaymaniyah have been asked about Facebook's impact on the formation of public opinion.

The study concluded that Facebook sometimes had impact on the formation of public opinion and has been able to influence opinions on a particular topic, and helped to form a stable view on the issues and sometimes being able to provide appropriate information about different issues, these findings are presented in figures and data in the research.


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