Sustainable development and its role in achieving the strategic stability of business organizations

دراسة تطبيقية على عينة من منظمات الأعمال محافظة النجف الاشرف


  • Sajad M.A. Aljanabi College of Management and Economics, University of Kufa, Kufa, Iraq
  • Amr Abd Karim Alzabhawe College of Administrative Technical, Furat Technical Middle University, Kufa, Iraq
  • Munzr Abbas Shalan College of Administrative Technical, Furat Technical Middle University, Kufa, Iraq



Sustainable Development, Strategic Stability, Business Organizations


The research aims to identify the relationship and influence between sustainable development through its dimensions (systems, strategic success, strategic guidelines, strategic actions, strategic tools) and strategic stability through its dimensions (deterrence of threats, reassurance of allies, development of staff capacities). Several questions focused on the nature of the relationship of correlation and influence between the variables of research, and for this to develop a hypothesis of the research reflects two of the main hypotheses, and in order to confirm the validity of the hypotheses were subjected to multiple tests to ascertain the validity. The research used the questionnaire as a means of obtaining the data. The research used descriptive analytical method as a research method. (112) employees of three private banks in the province of Najaf, namely: the National Bank of Baghdad and the United Bank for Investment and National Insurance Bank, and the random sample of the selection of (57) employees and the sample accounted for 51% of the total research community. The data were analyzed using a set of statistical methods (Kendall correlation coefficient, simple and multiple determinants) and the results were extracted using (SPSS v.10). The study concluded that the final objective of the research is that sustainable development is a fundamental approach to the strategic development of the organization, based on the main dimensions of the strategic stability variable: deter the threats facing the organization, reassure The alliance does not infringe on the rights of others from all administrative and marketing aspects internally and externally, and finally work on developing the capabilities of the employees in a manner that achieves stability in all sections and aspects of organizational work in the investigated organizations


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