The Pros and Cons of Bringing Children up Bilingually


  • Rasool Mohammed Kheder Department of English, College of Basic Education, University of Sulaimani, Sulaimani, Kurdistan Region, Iraq.



Advisable Approaches, Advantages of Bilingualism, Bilingual Children Disadvantages of Bilingualism


The advisability of bringing children up bilingually is always questionable by the parents in general, but it is of vital importance for the parents of those children who are born within cross-national relationships. The current paper highlights the benefits and negative aspects of so doing from various points of view available in the related literature. It deals chiefly with assessing the parents’ situations and suggesting appropriate approaches to them for decision making when they want to raise their children bilingually. Although qualitative method of research including the descriptive and argumentative methods are used for the majority parts of the study, the instances of the writer’s bilingual experience are also mentioned as an outstanding proof in a case study. Whilst most of the common strategies for bringing children up bilingually are given in the current study, there are, of course, some other strategies for various circumstances. Other studies are recommended to focus mainly on strategies and reveal them for those parents who are eager to raise bilingual children.


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