The Role of Metaphor in Advertisement Texts: A Psycholinguistic-Structural Study


  • Raafat Nazar Al-Heety Department of English, College of Education for Humanities, University of Anbar,Ramadi, Anbar, Iraq
  • Huda Abdulhakeem Hussein Department of English - Al-Ma’amoon University College,Baghdad, Iraq



garden path, metaphor, relational metaphor, sentential metaphor


This paper investigates the role and usage of metaphor in advertising texts from a psycho-linguistic, structural perspective. It adopts Al- Najjar (1984) structural classification of metaphor to go hand in hand with Frazier's (1987) perceptual theory of garden path of comprehension on the side of the advertisees. The analysis traces the impact of employing metaphorical texts in texting adverts. It discusses how, linguistically, unrelated words are connected together in terms of cognitive process (garden path). Indirect targeting of meaning by manipulating linguistic tools like structural options generates one of the most attractive factors for a text which is vagueness. Hovering around the exact wording of some meaning provides the advertiser enough space to insert multi-meanings, concepts, and ideas. As such, different unique impact can be made on the advertisees. The paper analyses some selected English advertising texts depending on an eclectic model made out of these two models. Finally, it ends with some conclusions which assure that relational metaphor is comprehended serially, while sentential metaphor is comprehended in a parallel garden path.


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