Measuring EFL Teachers’ Implementations of Communicative Language Teaching in Teaching Speaking Skills


  • Ali Sabah Al-Khayyat Department of English, College of Arts, University of Anbar, Anbar, Iraq



EFL teachers, Communicative Language Teaching Approach (CLTA), speaking skills, intermediate school teachers


The aim of the study is to investigate EFL teachers’ use of Communicative Language Teaching techniques (CLT) in teaching speaking skills at schools from teachers’ perspectives. The participants were from the intermediate schools located at Al-America District in Baghdad. The total number is 29 EFL male and female teachers. A questionnaire was used to collect the data of the study. Validity and reliability of the questionnaire were computed. The findings reveal that the English language teachers sometimes use CLT Techniques and strategies in teaching speaking skills, and even the students are evaluated even by paper and pencil test more than oral test.


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