A Review of Computer Vision–Based Traffic Controlling and Monitoring


  • Kamaran Hussein Khdir Manguri 1Department of Technical Information Systems Engineering, Erbil Technical Engineering College, Erbil Polytechnic University, Erbil, Iraq, 2Department of Computer Science, College of Basic Education, University of Raparin, Ranya 46012, Iraq
  • Aree Ali Mohammed Department of Computer Science, College of Science, University of Sulaimani, Sulaymaniyah, Iraq




Traffic signaling system, Intelligent traffic, Computer vision, Traffic congestion, Traffic monitoring, Review


Due to the rapid increase of the population in the world, traffic signal controlling and monitoring has become an important issue to be solved with regard to the direct relation between the number of populations and the cars’ usage. In this regard, an intelligent traffic signaling with a rapid urbanization is required to prevent the traffic congestions, cost reduction, minimization in travel time, and CO2 emissions to atmosphere. This paper provides a comprehensive review of computer vision techniques for autonomic traffic control and monitoring. Moreover, recent published articles in four related topics including density estimation investigation, traffic sign detection and recognition, accident detection, and emergency vehicle detection are investigated. The conducted survey shows that there is no fair comparison and performance evaluation due to the large number of involved parameters in the abovementioned four topics which can control the traffic signal controlling system such as (computation time, dataset availability, and an accuracy).


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