Building Kurdish Chatbot Using Free Open Source Platforms


  • Kanaan M. Kaka-Khan Department of Computer Science – College of Science and Technology - University of Human Development, Sulaymaniyah, Iraq



Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence Markup Language, Chatbot, Pandorabots


Chatbot is a program that utilizes natural language understanding and processing technology to have a human-like conversation. Nowadays chatbots are capable to interact with users in world’s majority languages. Unfortunately, bots that interact with Kurdish users are rare. This paper is an attempt to bridge the gap between chatbots and Kurdish users. This paper tries to implement a free open source platform (pandorabots) to build a Kurdish chatbot. I present a number of challenges for Kurdish chatbot at the last section of this work.

Index Terms: Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence Markup Language, Chatbot, Pandorabots


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