Performance Analysis and Prediction Student Performance to build effective student Using Data Mining Techniques


  • Sirwan M. Aziz Department of Computer Science, Darbandikhan Technical Institute, Darbandikhan, Kurdistan Region, Iraq
  • Ardalan Husin Awlla Department of Information Technology, Kurdistan Technical Institute, Sulaymani, Kurdistan Region, raq



In this period of computerization, schooling has additionally remodeled itself and is not restrained to old lecture technique. The everyday quest is on to discover better approaches to make it more successful and productive for students. These days, masses of data are gathered in educational databases, however it stays unutilized. To be able to get required advantages from such major information, effective tools are required. Data mining is a developing capable tool for examination and expectation. It is effectively applied in the field of fraud detection, marketing, promoting, forecast and loan assessment. However, it is in incipient stage in the area of education. In this paper, data mining techniques have been applied to construct a classification model to predict the performance of students.