Text Detection on Images using Region-based Convolutional Neural Network


  • Hamsa D. Majeed Department of Information Technology, University of Human Development, Sulaymaniyah, Iraq




Text Detection, Region-based Convolutional Neural Network, Text Images


In this paper, a new text detection algorithm that accurately locates picture text with complex backgrounds in natural images is applied. The approach is based primarily on the region-based convolutional neural network anchor system, which takes into account the unique features of the text area, compares it to other object detection tasks, and turns the text area detection task into an object sensing task. Thus, the proposed text to be observed directly in the neural network’s convolutional characteristic map, and it can simultaneously predict the text/non-text score of the proposal and the coordinates of each proposal in the image. Then, we proposed an algorithm for the construction of the text line, to increase the text detection model accuracy and consistency. We found that our text detection operates accurately, even in multiple language detection functions. We also discovered that it meets the 2012 and 2014 International Conference on Document Analysis and Recognition thresholds of 0.86 F-measure and 0.78 F-measure, which clearly shows the consistency of our model. Our approach has been programmed and implemented using Python programming language 3.8.3 for Windows.


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